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From the Sea to the Hills, a hinterland to be discovered

The Romagna Riviera is definitely a beautiful place to spend your holiday relaxing and fun. Fantastic accommodations, cozy and fully equipped beaches, theme parks, and nightclubs are just some of the attractions available to tourists who wisely choose our coast for their holidays.

Not far from this oasis of sun and sea is located a place equally enjoyable and fascinating, full of ideas and opportunities to enrich your holiday: the beautiful Romagna inland. Focusing on the interior of the region, you will have the opportunity to admire amazing landscapes and visit unique places from our fascinating history and ancient traditions. In addition to the glamour of the coast, Riccione offers exquisite art gems embedded in a picturesque hinterland that will amaze you.

Our area is rich in castles and historical records dating back to the Malatesta Seignory, a famous family who for years has ruled these places from the last years of the 13th century until the first half of the sixteenth century. Interesting stories with historical details are preserved in each residence while many castles are the depositories of superstitions and legends like the Montebello Castle, which each year attracts thousands of visitors due to the history of Azzurrina. The magical and picturesque medieval village of Gradara is a large fortified hill top fortress in whose splendid Castle Paolo and Francesca lived a tormented love story narrated by the great poet Dante in the Divine Comedy. Another famous character tied to these residences is the Count of Cagliostro who spent the last years of his life incarcerated in prisons of the mysterious and impenetrable fortress of San Leo. The imposing fortress of Montefiore, the vigilant sentinel in a wonderful valley overlooking the sea, will not fail to fascinate tourists especially during a visit in the evening which makes it even more magical in the charming summer nights.

Our inlands are therefore a perfect destination for history buffs, but also for lovers of traditions and superb cuisine. Your visit to the villages and towns of the region will include food and wine festivals and discovery of delightful restaurants and holiday cottages where you can enjoy the culinary excellence of the area and buy the typical products like olive oil, honey, the famous Sangiovese and Trebbiano wines.

Perched on Mount Titano towers San Marino, the oldest Republic in the world, a land of ancient traditions and great hospitality that offers a unique and fascinating path that unites the three towers that stand on the highest point of the mountain.

Impossible to summarize are the splendors of Urbino, the city that gave birth to the great Renaissance painter Raphael. The Palazzo Ducale, construction built by Federico da Montefeltro, is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city's history.